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Model Photos are Proto 2000 locomotives that has been detailed and enhanced with the new Details West detail kits. 


sp4350.jpg (512239 bytes) Started with a P2K SD9 converted to an SP SD9E rebuild. Kit #DS-334 was used on this model. 

sp4350left_rear.jpg (519394 bytes)

sp4350right_rear.jpg (516598 bytes)

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sp4380left_rear.jpg (506965 bytes)

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Parts List of DS-334 & DS-335 SP SD9E Super Detail Kits:

Snow Plows (2)

Cab Hump

Headlights, Front & Rear

Nathan P-3 Horn

Farr Air Filter Box, DS-335

Whip Antenna Base

Cab Armrests

Sander Access Doors

Cab Sunshades

Breather Pipes, 1 Left, 1 Right

MU Hoses

Train-line hoses

Fuel Tank Details

Cab and Nose Vents

Speed Recorder

A P2K undecorated SD45 painted and detailed with the new Details West DS-338 super detail kit.

  sp8942.jpg (501487 bytes) SP 8942 With Nathan P5 Horn

sp8942_left.jpg (483196 bytes)

sp8942_rear.jpg (511885 bytes)

Parts List of DS-338 SP SD45 Super Detail Kit:

Snow Plows (2)

Sander Brackets

Fuel Tank Brackets

Step Lights

Cab Sunshades

Nose Vents

Air Tank Details

Cab Armrests

Fuel Tank Drain Pipe

Fuel Tank Drain Bar

MU Cable

Train-line Hoses

Air Filter Set W/Pipes

Rooftop Bell

Nathan P-3 Horn

Cab Mars Light

Nose Light

Dynamic Brake Access Hatch & Vents

Whip Antenna Base

Truck Air Line Pipe W/Cutout Cock

Speed Recorder


Below is a model of a custom painted Athearn SD45T-2 Numbered 9224. I chose this number because it operated (leased) on the BN in the mid 70's. One of Athearn's factory painted SD45T-2 has the same number. 

Parts List of DS-339 kit:

Snow Plows - 2

Cab Armrest

Piping for Air Filter

Fuel Tank Brackets

Air Filter

Fuel Tank Drain Bar

2 Cluster Drain Pipe

Speed Recorder

Brake Vent Regulator Valve

Moisture Ejector Valve

Sander Brackets

Truck Air Line Connector Pipe

MU Hoses

Train Line Hoses

Step Lights

Assorted Air Tank Pipings


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DSC00553.JPG (551342 bytes)

Model was painted with Scalecoat II SP Gray and SP Scarlet. Microscale SP #11 decals applied. Wind shield wipers by A-Line or DA. 


Richard DeLay of Hemet CA had this Proto-2000 factory painted Southern Pacific Black Widow model detailed with Details West and other details added.


SPBlack Widow GP9 001.jpg (1116586 bytes)


SPBlack Widow GP9 002.jpg (1174670 bytes)


SPBlack Widow GP9 003.jpg (1111482 bytes)


SPBlack Widow GP9 004.jpg (1131181 bytes)


HL-109 "Barrel" type Mars Light, Hinged Face

HL-114 "Pyle" Twin Sealed Beam, Early

AH-175 Nathan P-3 Horn

MU-220 MU Hose With Connector

AH-302 Air Line Hose, Drop Elbow Style

MU-265 MU Hoses, 4 Cluster Type

LN-341 Headlight Lens

Other details added, sander hoses on truck, passenger pilot plow custom made, "wagon wheel" antenna by DA and re-rail frogs by PSC. 


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